Collective Vision Trust is a multi academy trust that has the following structure


Mr M Dolman (Chair)

Mrs S Gribbin (Vice-chair)

Mr J Cooper

Mr R Dutton

Mr I Sharp

The  members have appointed the Directors of the Trust and have agreed to establishment of Local Governing Bodies for the schools within the Trust.

Directors of Trust Board:

Mrs S Gribbin (Chair)

  • Long standing Director and Governor
  • Established business background with a CV including many national and international companies
  • Brings considerable knowledge of business and finance as well as strategic management.

Mr R Dutton (Vice – chair)

  • Chair of Chesterton Community Sports College and Chesterton Primary
  • An ex teacher and ex school bursar. 
  • Before retirement he had many years’ experience as a school bursar for CCSC
  • Brings considerable experience of school finance, health and safety, premises and risk management
  • An active member of the Local Methodist Community (Senior Steward).

Mrs L Jackson (CEO)

  • CEO and Accounting Officer for Collective Vision Trust
  • Former Headteacher Chesterton Community Sports College
  • Track record of improving school standards – secondary and primary
  • Brings considerable experience of school improvement, HR, school administration and management

Mrs S Phillips

  • Member of Churchfields Local Governing Body
  • Background of personnel an HR management for a neighbouring local authority
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

Mrs E Searl

  • Member of Chesterton Community Sports College Local Governing Body
  • Background in Academy school administration, management and finance for an academy trust in a neighbouring area
  • Brings considerable experience of Academy financing and budgeting

Ms L Davenport

  • Vice-chair of Chesterton Community Sports College’s Local Governing Body
  • Works in local community as a funeral arranger
  • Has a wide experience of working in local care, education and health setting
  • Brings a knowledge of local community and partner public and private sector organisations.