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Chesterton Primary School, Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme

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Chesterton Primary School joined the Trust in October 2016. Stella Formosa has taken on the role of Head Teacher in 2018, having been a part of Chesterton Community Sports College and The Collective Vision Trust since 2001. The school is now an integral part of the Multi-Academy Trust. Chesterton Primary School is a small school looking to expand as the Trust supports the school to raise standards.

Mrs Stella Formosa says, ‘Being a part of the Collective Vision Trust means you are never on your own as a Head Teacher and as a staff team. We strive, as a team of schools, to relentlessly improve the life chances of our children by providing them with high quality learning opportunities.’

‘Senior and middle leader networks are already established where we can critically reflect in a non-threatening forum on our provision in order to establish robust improvement plans for rapid progress.
Moderations across the trust schools has provided an increasing sense of security. We work as a team and share our strengths across each other’s schools.

‘Through professional discussions around teaching and learning and through the sharing of good practice, improvements have been made. We are honest and open with each other and this helps us to move our individual schools forward.’

‘There are significant improvements to be made at both Key Stage Two and in EYFS. It is reassuring that I have the full support of the Trust schools to help me on my journey.’