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Crackley Bank Primary School, Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme

We welcomed Crackley Bank to the Trust in October 2016. The Trust is working alongside the leadership at the school to ensure that every child reaches their potential in Summer 2017 and improvement is sustained year-on-year. In partnership with the Trust, the leadership team at Crackley Bank has prioritised the school development plan and developed clear strands of improvement work that will support individuals at the top ability range. The school has welcomed support to introduce changes that will impact teaching and learning.

Ms Sara Stevenson is a well established and experienced headteacher at Crackley Bank Primary School and she has also been involved in supporting other schools in the region that have been in difficulty. She says, ‘Being part of the Trust means there is a much greater level of support and team work. We work as a team of headteachers who can share their expertise, experience and good practise and learn from each other. The staff across all the schools work together to ensure consistency and this is enabling the schools to develop alongside each other. Most importantly, the individuality of each school is retained, recognised and valued.’